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The Mortal Instruments
The Hunger Games
The Fault in our Stars
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The Giver by Lois Lowry


Breaking Bad S05
American Horror Story S02
The 100 S01


The Tribute Network
The Shadowhunters Network
The Clockwork Army Network

every time i don’t… i almost do.

Taylor Swift reacting to Jennifer Lawrence reacting to Jennifer photobombing Taylor

The brilliance of the faction system is the conformity to the faction removes the threat of anyone exercising their independent will. Divergents threaten the system. Don’t get me wrong. There’s a certain beauty in your resistance, your defiance of categorization. But it’s a beauty we can’t afford.


*hides good snacks from family members*

Everyone is afraid of something.

We want to make an album that’s a real game changer. A lot of bands have to change what they sound like, but we are exactly the band that we want to be: a pop band, definitely, but we’ve got a rock and punk edge. We’re not trying to be anything that we’re not. We’re not ‘the new’ anything. We’re the first    5    S e c o n d s    O f     S u m m e r.


another meme I won’t finish: [1/5] current celebrity crushes
luke hemmings; “I’m in a band,we do weird shit sometimes.”


Jena Malone for Refinery29